Garden rituals on January

If you've missed, like me, to plant the Spring bulbs in Autumn you can plant tulips, allium, crocus, hyacinths as late as January. This way, they’ll develop roots in Spring, and bloom later than usual.

Like every year, I use to order my favourite Spring and Summer flowering bulbs on They supply all type of customers, from small gardener to the professional landscaper. Bulbs come directly from Netherland in a safe and secure paper box.

Maybe, I went overboard ordering one thousand and five hundred Spring bulbs this season, but the desire to make a scented and coloured garden got the better of me. You are officially invited to see my garden at CasaGalleria MonteGeneroso next Spring.

January it’s also the pruning season and I love it so much. Cutting, cutting, cutting it’s like a therapy to fight the stress. I found the best recommendations from David Austin Roses and Meilland Richardier Roses and Jardin I highly suggest to follow how-to prune roses on those channels.

They are the master of roses in the world. So, you can follow professional tips and buy only the best quality of roses even online. As Rose breeder, David Austin's achievement is in marrying the romantic “English Rose” look with reliable garden performance, vigorous growth, full bushes, disease-resistance and prolific season-long bloom. Over 200 English Roses have been released since 1961, many of them receiving the highest rewards. Meilland rose bushes come from France and a rose hybridizing program that dates back to the mid 1800’s. After six-generation Meilland remain a 100% family-owned company. So far, Meilland is the only rose breeder to introduce several cultivars that were voted World's Favorite Rose.

So, I'm happy to return to work outdoor in the garden. This year it's quiete cold and the blooming season it's going to be late. I'm positive because day by day we have more minutes of light and spring time is around the corner. Bye bye winter.