A mysterious sculpture was discovered in the wild Utah, did John McCracken make it or not?

It is a mystery in the wild Utah red rock desert, a metal monolith was found in a remote area by the Division of Wildlife Resources during a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep.

The smooth, tall structure looks like the sculptures by John McCracken. Immediately his gallerist David Zwirner said that it seems almost similar to Fair - 2011, an artwork created by John McCracken currently on view at the Zwirner gallery in New York. The son of John McCracken said maybe. His friend Ed Ruscha replied absolutely no, it is not referable to him. The artist John McCracken died in 2011. But who's John McCracken? A minimalist American artist who lived and worked in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and New York. He is renowned for his colorful, single tone planks. Composed of varnish, resin, fiberglass, and wood, His minimalist sculptures bridge the material world with the metaphysical. He is famous also for the research of the relationship between sculpted objects and their surrounding spaces.

John McCracken works in permanent collection are:

- Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

- Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

- Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

and many others across the United States.