5 Best things to do in Rovio

1: Natural adventure to the Cascata del Botto

Del Botto waterfall starts from the path at the end of Via San Felice in Rovio. The surrounding nature is extraordinary. Walk into the woods above Lake Lugano and at the foot of Monte Generoso. It's just 15 minutes walking distance to the water spot. The jump is 68 meters over the rocks. You must plan to visit the waterfall after heavy rain to enjoy the high power of the water. Don't forget to wear a windy jacket and a pair of trekking boots. You can book a yoga session or even a simple deep breath for changing your day.

2: Hiking to Monte Generoso

Are you a trekking lover? Don't miss the path through the woods to reach the summit of Monte Generoso at 1701 meters above sea level, it starts from Rovio. Park your car in the church square and follow the signs for the trail towards Generoso from the historic centre. The first stop is at the Oasis of Monti di Melano (917 meters above sea level). Then you get the Bellavista station (1221 meters above sea level). Last part of the trail is the way to arrive at Monte Generoso at 1704 meters after several hours. The most fascinating point of view in the Canton of Ticino and one of the best in Switzerland. For more info: Monte Generoso

3: A peaceful spot with an amazing panorama, the church of San Vigilio

The Church of San Vigilio stands on a hill in Rovio and overlooks Lake Lugano. A Romanesque marvel, it dates back to the 11th Century. Take via San Vigilio from the church square, follow the road through the vineyards to the end. A bench and a small church dominate the valley. Let amazed you by the beautiful panoramic view. Have a seat on a bench, relax, read a book or meditate. You can visit the Church by calling 091/6498216.

4: Wine tasting at Chiesa winery in Rovio

Rovio is located in the heart of the Merlot valley of the Canton of Ticino. The region is known for its excellent wine due to a Mediterranean climate with the Lake of Lugano. The sunny-drenched grapes are renowned for the great Merlot red and white. If you want to taste one of the best Merlot in the area, you have to visit the Cantina Chiesa. A long family tradition of winery making Rovio based. Contact to book the wine tasting at 091 649 58 31 or by email to:

5: Spirituality: Bethany community

A family of Friars and Sisters, a community open to all, a place of peace where to find oneself, values of friendship, brotherhood and equality in the name of Jesus and Mary. You can also stop overnight to sleep or for lunch and/or dinner. Hospitality is one of the values on which the Order of the Friars of Bethany is founded. Mass every day at 18.00. Via San Felice, 8 Rovio. Tel: 091/6306540. Visit the website: Comunità di Betania