Daniel Meuli

Photographer b.1980 (CH)

Pied à terre


Noun | \pya-dä-târ`\

Literally: "foot on the ground“

Definition: a smaller or secondary domicile; a second home


My home is the Engadine Valley. The striking landscape with its harsh climate has shaped me into who I am now. It grounds me and profoundly touches my being. The awe-inspiring force of nature evokes humbleness through its genuine and brutally honest presence.     


My works attempt to grasp this magnificence and undeniable honest in nature. Analog photography seems to be the perfect approach. The light is captured unaltered on photographic paper. Pure analog magic.

Timeless, essential, candid. 


In order to achieve an almost unprecedented amount of detail in analog photography I decided to capture the light on ultra large photographic paper. This meant I had to build a custom camera that could handle the oversize format. The camera ended up being a walk-in cabinet the size of a horse trailer. It literally became my second home – my Pied à Terre.