About Us

Married couple Yuri Catania and Silvia Torricelli were the co-founders of CasaGalleria in 2018, the first contemporary street art and photography gallery with a breathtaking view of MonteGeneroso. It’s located in Rovio, Ticino -the Swiss Italian Alps- and surrounded by the vineyards of Merlot. 

CasaGalleria is “More than a Home & More than a Gallery". 

An enchanting Italian architecture old house welcomes visitors from all over the world attracted by the love for ART, and the majestic "scenario" of Monte Generoso. A cozy place to discover contemporary International artists in painting, mixed media art, photography, illustration, draw. A new way to open the gallery to the public. Clients watch the show and dine with them. You must try homemade Italian pasta and American bbq.

Yuri is an Italian Swiss visual artist and fashion photographer. He had the vision to involve International artists in the Gallery and, he makes the selection of artworks due to his sensibility to pop, street, and contemporary art.

Silvia graduated in law, manages the Gallery and all the activity of Yuri Catania LLC, the production house they founded together in New York in 2012 and with which she organized fashion photo and video shoots all over the world.

Together in 2018, they decide to embark on a new path of their existence in close contact with nature and move to live in one of the oldest villages in Ticino, Rovio at the foot of Monte Generoso. United by the passion for ART, they created their private art collection with famous International artists such as Takashi Murakami, Ed Ruscha, Banksy, etc...

CasaGalleria is a unique space without borders between inside and outside. There is a large garden in front of the house with a different variety of flowers: Dahlia, Roses, and a biodynamic vegetable garden. Their days break making bread and Italian homemade pasta. This is the place where everything returns slowly to nature in a 2.0 lifestyle concept.